About Us

No More “Fore”s

Your financial future is no game, so why put your trust in anyone but the best? Chuck helps his clients answer their tough questions; Are we on course for retirement? Will we have enough saved to play as much golf as we want? What do we have to do now to make sure we have enough for life’s back nine? How can we reduce income taxes now and to our estate?

With decades of experience in financial services Chuck has mastered SunLife’s financial planning technology and can provide you with highly detailed, accurate predictions of where you’re retirement is heading.


Chuck’s other passion lies on the fairway, and that’s where Chuck’s Indoor Golf Studio was born. Combining his favorite past time and his pride in solid financial planning, he created a space to bring clients together for enjoyment and education. Partners of Chuck’s are allowed full access to our private facility in the heart of St. Thomas and receive fully customized swing cards based upon their own playing style.

Our state of the art golfing simulator is built for pin point accuracy and precision training. With multiple camera angles our professional trainers can review and fine tune your swing in real time in amazing detail.


Our pledge

To give players a high quality golfing experience any time of year. We love to golf and we want to share that passion with you, our professional trainers are on hand to give you one-on-one lessons anytime. Our club is currently open to the public but once *memberships reach 125 we will be closing our doors to keep exclusivity to our partners.

*Membership awarded upon minimum initial investment of $100,000 CAD