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Technology has brought golf from the sod to the Astro turf. You can now play a round with pinpoint accuracy from the comfort of the indoors, knowing that when you hit the real greens you’ll be in perfect form. What if we told you the same technology could be applied to your financial future? With SunLife’s advanced financial planning software Chuck is able to project your financial trajectory with pinpoint precision, so when you reach the back nine you know you’ll be in perfect financial shape. Reach out today for your free round at Chuck’s and check the curve of your financial stroke.

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The Indoor Experience

You’ll find two things at Chuck’s Indoor Golf Studio; a private year round golf oasis and elite financial strategy. Currently we are open to the public but once our memberships reach 125 – we will close our doors to keep exclusivity to our valued partners.

Why play indoors? Because when it’s raining, snowing, or just too hot – you can enjoy a comfortable round of golf with friends in a playtime of roughly an hour. Our players can also use their own clubs on our simulator, ensuring when they hit the real greens they’re swinging at their best.

 Accurate ball tracking allows you to analyze and improve your shot in real time.
Chuck’s financial planning is tailored for any and all sizes and requirements. 
Prepare for hazards on and off the course with a strong plan for a retirement in the green.

Time To Win

      Is your drive going anywhere but the fairway? Are you missing the green with your approach shots? Or any other problems with your game? We can help.

     Our teaching CPGA pro is available to help you improve your game either with single lessons or a five lesson package.

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In Partnership With St.Thomas Elgin General Hospital

We feel strongly about the wellbeing of our community. When you play at Chuck’s you can feel good knowing that part of your fees are going directly to those in need within our local surrounding area. Book a lesson now and contribute today.  

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